Christopher Page - For Courtesan, Queen and Gallant: The Guitar in England From Henry VIII to Samuel Pepys

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53:24 The Guitar in Tudor London
Few people now remember that the guitar was popular in England during the age of Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare, and yet it was played everywhere from the royal court to the common tavern.
In 1559 Queen Elizabeth herself received a case of three guitars as a New-Years day present.
This opening lecture of the series, with musical illustrations, will use documents, poetry and images to bring the instrument to life, with a particular focus on the autobiography of the beguiling Tudor musician Thomas Whythorne.
47:55 Buying, Selling and Owning Guitars in Elizabethan England
What kind of people owned a guitar in the London of Elizabeth I and where did they go shopping for one? It is possible to assemble a remarkably full picture of the instruments place in the social life and trade and trade of Tudor England.
Guitars were an imported luxury from abroad that came with looking glasses, perfumed gloves and many other luxuries on a scale probably unknown, in many cases, to the purchasers grandparents.
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49:18 An Englishman (with a Guitar) Abroad
In 1643 an English landowner, Sir Ralph Verney, fled to France in the depths of the Civil War. He settled in Blois and, while there, amassed a vast archive that is still unpublished. The letters Verney kept, and his financial accounts, show that almost every member of his family learned the guitar. These records provide a wealth of information about the music they played, the guitars they bought and their reasons for cultivating a light and fashionable instruments far from home.
52:39 The Guitar at the Restoration Court
When the most famous diarist in English, Samuel Pepys, accompanied Charles II back to London for the Restoration of the monarchy he was given the task of carrying the kings guitar. From this moment on, the instrument had a the royal seal of approval and some of the best guitar playing in Europe was heard at Whitehall. Court ladies had themselves portrayed with a guitar on their lap like a musical pet; actors and actresses played them in comedies and guitar-masters made a living teaching the daughters of London barmaids.
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48:36 The Guitar in the Age of Charles I
The courts of James I and his son Charles I were more cosmopolitan than their Elizabethan forebears. Many courtiers had now visited the Continent in early adulthood with a tutor, mostly after a period of residence at a university.
The guitar at the English court entered a new and very lively phase, as sketched in a scenery design by Inigo Jones and played in a masque by a leading court musician. On the verge of the Civil War, the guitar rapidly became the fashionable instrument of elite London from Covent Garden to Westminster.

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