Craig Clunas - Chinese Art 1911-1976: A Connected History

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source: GreshamCollege     2017年11月21日
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46:50 China: New Nation, New Art, 1911-1932
As the imperial system collapsed in China, the New Culture Movement focused debate on new categories of modernity and tradition.
This lecture was part of the 2017 Being Human Festival. For more information about the festival, please visit: http://www.beinghumanfestival.org/
For artists, it posed the questions of what it meant to be both modern and Chinese challenging them to show how ancient techniques could remain relevant. Artists began to travel abroad (to France, Japan, Germany, Britain and the USA) and become part of an increasingly international art world. The 1920s in China saw both the political chaos of warlordism, but also a flowering of creativity which drew on the keen awareness by many of Chinas potential as part of a global modernism.
46:50 China: New Nation, New Art, 1911-1932
54:33 China: Art, War and Salvation, 1933-1949

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