Quadratic Voting and the Public Good

source: BFIVideos         2016年4月28日

58:19 Quadratic Voting as an Application of the Normalized Gradient Addition Mechanism
58:14 The Robustness of Quadratic Voting
50:40 Cardinal Preferences, Representation, and Polarization
27:19 Ethical Considerations on Quadratic Voting
57:38 Interests/Preferences, Equality/Efficiency: Historical Notes on QV
32:09 The Rise and Fragmentation of Collective Decision in American Economics, 1940–1990
59:07 Quadratic Election Law
58:46 Quadratic Patent Policy
53:55 One Man, One Bid
10 46:00 Towards Secure Quadratic Voting
11 58:26 Quadratic Voting in the Wild: Real People, Real Votes

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