Friedman Forum Lecture Series

# list compiled by BFIVideos
This counterpart to the popular and long-running Becker Brown Bag Series was created to offer students in the College an opportunity for informal discussion with leading researchers.
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55:46 Friedman Forum: The Effect of Technology on the Labor Supply of Young Men and Women
1:08:16 Why Are Some Companies Efficient While Others Are Not?
46:44 Automated Economic Reasoning
1:03:16 Using Text to Quantify Policy Uncertainty
56:03 Friedman Forum with Amy Finkelstein: The Impact of Expanding Medicaid
50:16 Friedman Forum with Michael Greenstone: The Global Energy Challenge
57:41 Game Theory and Negotiation
56:10 Speculation, Trading and Bubbles
54:08 Millennial Goals: What’s Happened? What’s Next?
10 1:16:59 Maurice Obstfeld: Financial Globalization and Financial Crises
11 56:06 Robert Engle: Monitoring Risk with V-LAB
12 44:06 Roger Myerson: On Moral Hazard and Macroeconomics
13 1:03:40 The Euro Crisis: Pain and Politics
14 1:09:09 Lunch and Conversation with Thomas J. Sargent
15 1:35:15 Pizza and Conversation with James Heckman
16 1:12:57 Friedman Forum Lecture: "The Recession of 2007--?" by Robert E. Lucas

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