MNTL Industry Affiliates Program 2016

source: NanoBio Node        2017年4月11日

41:35 Photonic Integrated Circuit Chips and Modules (Fred Kish)
41:00 Integrated Photonics Technology (Yurii Vlasov)
14:23 New directions in III-V MBE: from materials to devices (Minjoo Larry Lee)
11:14 Nano-scale Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Based on Two-dimensional Materials (Wenjuan Zhu)
12:10 Piezoelectric MEMS Devices for Future RF Front Ends (Songbin Gong)
14:27 Novel applications of 2D materials as atomic membranes (Arend van der Zande)
15:28 Activities of Photonic Systems Laboratory (Lynford Goddard)
8:48 Poster Presentations (MNTL Industry Affiliates Program)

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