Bangalore Area Strings Meeting - 2017

source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences       2017年8月10日
Bangalore Area Strings Meeting - 2017
TIME : 31 July 2017 to 02 August 2017
VENUE:Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
Bengaluru now has a large group of string theorists, with 9 faculty members in the area, between ICTS and IISc. This is apart from a large group of postdocs and graduate students. In addition, several physicists at both IISc and RRI work in allied areas that relate to quantum field theory , classical and quantum aspects of gravity.
The idea of Bengaluru Area String theory Meeting (BASM) is to bring all these physicists together for a brief meeting, where we learn about each other's research and build potential collaborations. The BASM also gives students and postdocs from the Bengaluru institutions an opportunity to talk about their research. In addition, we will get a few speakers from outside Bengaluru as well.
CONTACT US: program@icts.res.in
PROGRAM LINK : https://www.icts.res.in/discussion-me...

35:42 Questions on Weak Gravity Conjecture by Chethan Krishnan
41:57 Treatment of shocks using c=1 techniques by Gautam Mandal
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32:04 Constraints on parity violating conformal field theories in d=3 by Subham Dutta Chowdhury
40:25 A Novel Tensionless limit in AdS_3 by Rajesh Gopakumar
33:24 SYK/Tensor models and 2-dim quantum gravity by Spenta Wadia
30:51 Verifying the predictions of Conformal Bootstrap through lattice calculations by Prasad Hegde
35:05 SYK like Tensor models on lattice by Prithvi Narayan
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10 43:40 Matrix models with chemical potential by Pallab Basu
11 26:08 Open quantum field theory: phi^4 theory by Chandan Jana
12 40:21 Thermal OTO correlators, KMS relations and spectral functions by Amin A Nizami
13 33:55 Out of Time Order correlators in systems interacting with a thermal bath by Soumyadeep Chaudhuri
14 34:13 Dyon degeneracies from Moonshine by Justin David
15 29:51 Local quenches and quantum chaos from higher spin perturbations by Surbhi Khetrapal
16 34:26 Spacetime OPE from the String Worldsheet by Sudip Ghosh
17 29:07 N=2* Yang-Mills on the Lattice by Anosh Joseph
18 35:35 Dynamical phase transitions in SYK-like models by Sumilan Banerjee
19 19:17 Exploring the Fuzzball Resolution to Information Paradox by Pushkal Srivastava
20 43:52 Gravity and Decoherence: the double slit experiment revisited by Joseph Samuel
21 24:10 Holographic Tensor Models by P N Bala
22 35:46 SYK model with global and super symmetry by Junggi Yoon
23 54:56 Notes on Melonic SO(N)^q Tensor models by Shiraz Minwalla
24 46:41 Entanglement in theories of gravity by Suvrat Raju

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