Laser Plasma Accelerator (2017)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences     2017年3月6日
06 March 2017 to 17 March 2017
VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
Particle accelerators have been instrumental in unraveling some of the deep questions related to matter at the fundamental level, the latest being discovery of the Higgs Boson. The conventional accelerators, however, have reached their limit in terms of size and energy, as acceleration gradients in the state of art accelerators have reached the material breakdown limit (~ MV/cm). A new principle of particle acceleration is desirable at this juncture. A strong candidate for this is the plasma wake field based acceleration (driven by lasers and/or particle beams). This scheme provides a promise of about thousand fold increase in the acceleration gradient (~ GV/cm). Furthermore, plasma being already a broken down medium, does not get adversely effected by such huge electric fields. This paves a way for building table top compact accelerators for electron as well as ion beams which can make crucial contributions to our fundamental understanding of matter and would have applications in many areas such as medical, security, imaging etc.
This program will cover a series of pedagogical lectures on the status and future of this new technology. In addition, a focused program on exploring collaborative activities on theoretical aspects of laser-plasma interactions in general (partly supported by the UK-India Newton-Bhabha funds) is also planned. Brain storming discussion sessions to look into possible near and long term challenges in high energy physics would be conducted. Other applications in the field of medical, security and imaging would be discussed. Moreover, looking at the pace of development in laser intensity, possibility of exploring new physics such as radiation reaction effects, pair production etc., in laboratory experiments would soon become a reality. Keeping these excitements in view, a planned activity at national level will be explored.
PROGRAM LINK: https://www.icts.res.in/program/LPA2017

Plasma Accelerator by Bob Bingham 1:08:55
Upcoming High Power Laser facilities by K A Tanaka 49:43
Fundamental quantum physics in intense laser fields by Anton Ilderton 1:10:06
Plasma Based Particle Acceleration by Amita Das 45:30
Radiation reaction in intense laser pulses:from classical to quantum by Sam Yoffe 22:42
A novel laser-solid interaction geometry for the creation of a convergent.. by Robbie Scott 19:44
Wave-kinetic theory and simulations for filamentation and modulational instabilities by Raoul Trines
Aspects of wavebreaking in nonlinear plasma oscillations by Adam Noble 23:17
Electron heating in Radiation Pressure driven Acceleration (RPA) by B S Paradkar 18:25
Laser-plasma accelerators and radiation sources by Dino Jaroszynski 1:02:53
Development of laser plasma accelerators and their applications by Zulfikar Najmudin 1:03:00
High Power Laser Facilities in the UK by Rajeev Pattathil 30:21
Overview of Experiments and methods by M Krishnamurthy 31:46
Super-penetration may be good for Fast Ignition by Kazuo A Tanaka 23:42
Introduction to fluid simulation in plasmas by Bhavesh Patel 50:12
Molecular Dynamics simulation of strongly coupled plasmas by Sanat Kumar Tiwari 59:02
Laser plasma acceleration simulations with new code AGASTHII by Sushil Arun Samant 1:03:40
Hundred years of Fundamental Physics and a Crisis by G Rajasekaran 1:14:57
Strongly Coupled Matter in Heavy-Ion Collisions: Opportunities and Challenges by Vinod Chandra 56:55
Hydrodynamics Driven by Intense short-pulse lasers by John Pasley 49:57
Modeling astrophysical plasmas using particle in cell method by Ujjwal Sinha 25:57
Radiation Pressure Acceleration of ions from Sub-Critical by V. K. Tripathi 48:03
Next big things(s) in high energy physics by Gagan Mohanty 56:03
Generation of strong Electro-Magnetic Fields in HIC and their impact by Sukanya Mitra 45:36
Laser plasma particle acceleration activities at RRCAT, Indore by J A Chakera 21:34
Laser Plasma Electron Accelerator: Experimental studies performed at RRCAT, Indore by Anand Moorti 18:44
Status of the Simulation Activity by Ajit Upadhyay 22:50
Introducing Acceleration Technology as a Discipline in Academic Institutions by Raghava Varma 33:04
Newton-Bhaba Theory & Simulation Workshop by Alex Robinson 12:32
Thoughts on Managing International Collaborations by Alex Robinson 26:20
Use of PLUTO code for High Energy Astrophysical Problems by Bhargava Vaidya 53:32
Positron Acceleration using Plasma-based accelerators by Aakash Sahai 26:59
Some thoughts on plasma-based acceleration (PBA)...(Lecture - 01) by Warren Mori 1:13:32
Laser Plasmas for Acceleration and Applications: Science and Sources by Christopher Murphy 33:14
Laser-plasmas electron acceleration in a strongly-mismatched regime by Aakash Sahai 35:41
Surface Plasma Attosource: from electrons to high harmonics at ELI-ALPS by Subhendu Kahaly 53:18
Status and plans of the PWFA Program by Chan Joshi 1:04:04
Relativistic Laser Science Explored with PW Lasers at CoReLS by Chang Hee Nam 1:01:37
Laser-Plasma Acceleration Research at Berkeley Lab by Carl B Schroeder 1:17:50
Table Top Accelerators Effective field theory approach by V Ravishankar 58:56
Turbulent magnetic field amplification in Laser Plasma interaction by R. P. Sharma 31:12
Features of ion-acceleration from Petawatt femtosecond laser pulses by Prashant Singh 30:54
Some thoughts on plasma-based acceleration (PBA)...(Lecture - 02) by Warren Mori 29:01
Accelerators: The Technical challenges by Amit roy 1:19:03
Technical Talk by Mahendra Verma 17:43

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