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source: Conspiracy Democracy      2015年6月22日

Lawrence Quill - Technological Conspiracies 1:17:21
Technological conspiracies are good conspiracies - at least from the perspective of their proponents. Understanding their dynamics, especially within the context of liberalism, may help shed light upon an apparent puzzle of twenty-first century living: why, when individual privacy is being systematically undermined by both governments and corporations, so few people seem to care. The answer, I suggest, has much to do with rapidly changing conceptions of self and society, but also a prior, fundamental commitment to imagining both self and society as quantifiable and controllable. Leading liberal theorists today tend to see the digital challenge to privacy as undermining one of the core commitments of liberalism. However, I wish to suggest that our current predicament is the result of liberalism's internal logic , a political theory that formally eschews conspiracy thinking in favour of science and modernity, yet one that manages to employ theories of good conspiracy, nonetheless. Technological conspiracies are the fulfilment of a modern, liberal dream, bringing together political power and technology so that citizens are fully known to their governments and corporations such that older concerns with privacy simply become irrelevant.
A public lecture by Professor Lawrence Quill (San Jose).
Christopher Bannister -Judeo-Masonic-Bolshevik Conspiracy in the Spanish Second Republic, 1931-1936 1:30:23
Professor Kelly Greenhill and Dr Ben Oppenheim - Rumour Has It 1:24:26
Dr Benjamin Wurgaft - Leo Strauss & Public Intellectual Culture 1:28:16
Nicci French Public Lecture- 'Lying in the Dark: the stories we tell to keep ourselves sane' 1:16:41
Dr Andy Martin (Cambridge) talk on "Nausea in New York: the FBI & CIA vs Sartre and Camus" 1:06:36
Dr David Hickman (York): Science and Recycled Photography in Conspiracy Theories 1:36:50
Dr Michael Hagemeister: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The Facts Surrounding a Fiction 1:10:44
Professor Alex Beringer: Paranoid Masculinities: Conspiracy Theory in Mark Twain’s Fiction 40:44
David Aaronovitch (The Times): Conspiracy theories in an age of transparency 42:44
Dwight Smith: The Mafia and Conspiracy 1:15:23
Professor Joe Uscinski and Professor Joe Parent: American Conspiracy Theories 1:56:02
Professor Samuel Moyn: Is Democracy Conspiratorial? 1:05:22
Prof. Kathy Olmsted: Anglo-American Conservatism & Transatlantic Threat between the World Wars 49:00
Dr Pascal Girard:Conspiracy Theories in France and Italy during the Cold War and Decolonization 52:45
Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt: A Flat Earth Theory or a Clear and Present Danger? 1:18:33
Dr Cornel Zwierlein:Knowlege Gaps: The Early Modern Foundations of Conspiracy & Democracy 1:01:27
Dr. Stef Aupers: Conspiracy theories between secular scepticism and religious salvation 1:08:45
Harriet Washington - Epidemics of Conspiracy 59:56
David Runciman - A Climate of Conspiracy 43:13
Eric Oliver - Enchanted America: Magic, Metaphor and Conspiracy Theories in US Public Opinion 41:32
David Vincent - Conspiracy and the beginning of the democratic state in Britain 1830 - 1860 1:27:40
Simon Schaffer - Imitation Games: Conspiratorial Sciences and Intelligent Machines 1:18:06
Professor Pablo Piccato - The Assassination of Alvaro Obregón 1:23:02
The Real Ideology of Putin's Russia: how it's used in foreign policy and what to do about it 1:17:01
Darrin McMahon Public Lecture 01/03/16 - Conspiracy and Democracy Project 1:15:05
Conspiracy and Terror in the French Revolution - Marisa Linton (Kingston University) Public Lecture 1:22:56
Between Diabolical Instigations & Criminal Combinations - André Krischer Public Lecture 1:20:58

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