Analysis and its Applications (at CIRM)

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source: Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques    2015年8月10日

Gabriel Peyré: Low complexity regularization of inverse problem - Recovery guarantees 1:13:44
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In this talk, we investigate in a unified way the structural properties of a large class of convex regularizers for linear inverse problems. These penalty functionals are crucial to force the regularized solution to conform to some notion of simplicity/low complexity. Classical priors of this kind includes sparsity, piecewise regularity and low-rank. These are natural assumptions for many applications, ranging from medical imaging to machine learning.
Recording during the "Computational geometry days" the December 17, 2013 at the Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (Marseille, France)
Filmmaker: Guillaume Hennenfent
Esteban Andruchow: Metric geometry in homogeneous spaces of the unitary group of a C∗-algebra. 1 43:56
Martin Schweizer: Some stochastic Fubini theorems 28:18
Gilles Pagès: CVaR hedging using quantization based stochastic approximation algorithm 34:14
Hans G. Feichtinger: Mathematical and numerical aspects of frame theory - Part 1 1:30:26
Hans G. Feichtinger: Mathematical and numerical aspects of frame theory - Part 2 1:36:12
Philipp Grohs: Wavelets, shearlets and geometric frames - Part 1 1:35:52
Philipp Grohs: Wavelets, shearlets and geometric frames - Part 2 1:30:06
Nicki Holighaus: Time-frequency frames and applications to audio analysis - Part 1 1:27:48
Matthieu Kowalski: Time-frequency frames and applications to audio analysis - Part 2 1:14:29
Miroslav Englis: Analytic continuation of Toeplitz operators 59:03
Kehe Zhu: Products of Toeplitz operators on the Fock space 51:36
Kristian Seip: Hankel and composition operators on spaces of Dirichlet series 1:00:11
Pierre Portal: Perturbations of the holomorphic functional calculus: differential operators [...] 1:02:23
Tuomas Hytonen: Two-weight inequalities meet R-boundedness 55:15
Jesús M.F. Castillo: The story of Kalton's last unpublished paper 46:28
Dirk Werner: The Daugavet equation for Lipschitz operators 47:28
Harold Dales: Multi-norms and Banach lattices 50:02
Michał Wojciechowski: On the relations between the L1 norm of partial derivatives with... 55:26
Charles Fefferman : Whitney problems and real algebraic geometry 1:05:26
Dimitri Shlyakhtenko: Free probability of type B and asymptotics of finite-rank perturbations ... 48:48
Sorin Popa: Approximating freeness under constraints, with applications 52:25
Gennadi Kasparov: On the Lp Baum-Connes conjecture 48:19
Alain Connes: Quanta of Geometry 1:15:19
Stefaan Vaes: Cohomology and L2-Betti numbers for subfactors and quasi-regular inclusions 50:16
Nikolai Nikolski : Victor Havin Tribute: 50 years with Hardy spaces. What next... ? 1:01:30
Eugenia Malinnikova : Uncertainty principles for discrete Schrödinger evolutions 45:18
Alexander Pushnitski : Rational approximation of functions with logarithmic singularities 53:09
Gilles Pisier : On the non-commutative Khintchine inequalities 50:37
Jean-Pierre Kahane : Séries trigonométriques lacunaires, extrapolation minimale ... 59:04
Niloy J. Mitra: Transferring Information across Image and Shape Collections 47:38
Mario Figueiredo: ADMM in Imaging Inverse Problems: Some History and Recent Advances 50:45
Andrea D'Agnolo : On the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for irregular holonomic D-modules 1:25:18
Jean-Baptiste Teyssier: Skeletons and moduli of Stokes torsors 59:44
Martina Zähle: Curvature measures of random sets 42:02
Eva Gallardo Gutiérrez: The invariant subspace problem: a concrete operator theory approach 43:07
Cristina Câmara: Truncated Toeplitz operators 41:34
Christiane Tretter: New spectral bounds for damped systems 38:22

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