WalterandElizaHall (videos of June 2017)

source: WalterandElizaHall
44:54 Seillet C (2017): Understanding the physiological regulation of innate immunity Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Wednesday Seminar Series
21 June 2017
Dr Cyril Seillet
Molecular Immunology division
1:02:08 Lê Cao K (2017): Multivariate projection-based methods for data exploration & integration Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Postgraduate Lecture Series
19 June 2017
Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao
University of Melbourne
58:31 Phillips G (2017): Cultural safety and Aboriginal health in mainstream health organisations Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Reconciliation Lecture Series
31 May 2017
Associate Professor Gregory Phillips
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
1:01:10 Lister R (2017): Emerging technologies in reading and writing the epigenome Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Postgraduate Lecture Series
29 May 2017
Professor Ryan Lister
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
58:49 Leong T (2017): Endobronchial ultrasound
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
PhD Completion Seminar
15 May 2017
Dr Tracy Leong
ACRF Stem Cells and Cancer division

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