UCIBrenICS (some videos of June 2017)

source: UCIBrenICS
 21:24 James Jones, UCI Informatics Associate Professor - ISR Research Forum 2017 "Understanding and Analyzing Software Execution Behavior," Associate Prof. James A. Jones
 19:51 Alfred Kobsa, UCI Informatics Professor - ISR Research Forum 2017 "Privacy by Design in an IoT Environment," Prof. Alfred Kobsa
 23:58 Crista Lopes, UCI Informatics Professor - ISR Research Forum 2017 - ISR Research Forum 2017 "Research at Scale," Prof. Cristina Videira Lopes, Professor, Department of Informatics, UCI
 20:37 Gloria Mark, UCI Informatics Professor - ISR Research Forum 2017 "Modeling the Workplace Experience Through Precision-Tracking of Behavior," Prof. Gloria Mark
 17:49 Joshua Garcia, UCI, ICS - ISR Research Forum 2017 "Automatic Generation of Inter-Component Communication Exploits for Android Applications," Joshua Garcia, Ph.D., Associate Project Scientist
 21:53 Bryan Cunningham, Founding Executive Director, UCI CPRI - ISR Research Forum 2017 "Who Hit Me and Why Does It Matter: Legal and Policy Challenges in Attributing Cyber Attacks," Bryan Cunningham, Founding Executive Director, UCI Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute
 1:07:40 Owen O'Malley, Hortonworks - ISR Research Forum 2017 ISR Research Forum 2017
Owen O'Malley
Co-Founder and Technical Fellow
"Lessons from the Jungle of Open Source Big Data Development"
Slides: http://isr.uci.edu/sites/isr.uci.edu/files...
 19:08 Ingenuity 2017 - John Seeley Brown - We Live in Amazing Times John Seeley Brown served as Keynote Speaker at Ingenuity 2017 on May 31, 2017.
Slides from his keynote address: https://www.ics.uci.edu/files/JSB.pdf
John Seely Brown or as he is often called—JSB...
 1:05:06 Entering the Labyrinth of (Inexact) Computer Science - Radu Marculescu Radu Marculescu
Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
“Entering the Labyrinth of (Inexact) Computer Science: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach”
Friday, June 2, 2017
During high scho...

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