Introduction to Philosophy (Fall 2016) by Daniel Bonevac at the University of Texas at Austin

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source: Daniel Bonevac    2016年8月29日
These are class sessions from Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2016, at the University of Texas at Austin. For a syllabus with a list of readings in the course, see http://philosophical.space/philosophy.

Socratic Method 47:48
Confucius 42:42
Confucius II 46:15
Jeremy Bentham 43:08
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason 39:22
John Stuart Mill 44:54
Aristotle's Ethics 41:42
Metaphysical Categories 42:21
Externalism in Epistemology 39:20
Essences 39:26
Primary and Secondary Qualities 27:52
Personal Identity 35:40
The Cosmological Argument 31:53
The Design Argument 36:06
Hume's Dialogues and the Problem of Evil 47:18
Hume's Dialogues and the Problem of Evil 47:18
Socrates on Ethics 37:27
Plato's Ethics 44:49
Plato on Knowledge 42:49
Plato's Forms 44:01
Skepticism, Part I 41:08
Skepticism, Part II 43:33
Augustine 39:44
Leibniz's Rationalism 44:26
Descartes's Dualism 40:07
[private video]
Pascal's Wager 42:38
[deleted video]
Ontological Arguments 46:30
Hinduism 38:07
Jainist Ethics 10:53
Daoist Ethics 28:22
Buddhist Ethics 15:57
Hume's Scandal of Induction 29:14
Kant's Ethics 54:07
Berkeley and Hume on Substance and Identity 47:32
Hindu and Buddhist Idealism 29:31
Peirce 15:04
Hegel 30:17
Perspectivism 43:41
Realism: Aristotle, Borges, Russell, and Moore 31:29

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