The Analytic Tradition (Spring 2017) by Daniel Bonevac at the University of Texas at Austin

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source: Daniel Bonevac     2017年1月20日
These are classes from The Analytic Tradition, Spring 2017, at the University of Texas at Austin. For a syllabus with a list of readings in the course, see http://philosophical.space/327.

Philosophy in One Lecture 48:42
Analytic Philosophy: Frege 50:35
Frege on Sense and Reference 50:07
Russell on Denoting 50:16
Russell on Denoting, Part 2 51:06
Russell's Logical Atomism 29:12
Russell on Belief and Ontology 49:34
Wittgenstein's Tractatus 49:56
Logical Empiricism: Criteria and Protocol Sentences 49:08
Ayer's Criteria of Verification 47:05
Gilbert Ryle, Systematically Misleading Expressions 46:40
Carnap and Ryle on Dispositions 46:55
Quine's Logistical Approach to Ontology 49:03
Quine on What There Is 48:05
Quine's Ontology 47:49
Quine on Analyticity and Other Dogmas 44:31
Quine on Carnap on Logical Truth 46:36
Quine on Truth by Convention 46:25
Carnap on Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology 48:41
Sellars on Foundationalism 46:36
Sellars on the Logic of Looks 49:46
Sellars on the Inconsistent Triad 45:19
Sellars and the Framework of Thoughts 45:42
Quine on Modality 45:29
Quine on Quantifying In 42:46
Quine on the Indeterminacy of Translation 46:44
Kripke on the Descriptive Theory of Names 49:12
Kripke and the Causal Picture of Names 48:59
Kripke on Rigid Designators 48:52
Gareth Evans on the Causal Theory 49:19
Kripke on Essential Properties 45:42
Kripke on the Wittgensteinian Paradox 45:11
Kripke and the Skeptical Solution 44:33
Kripke on Wittgenstein on Forms of Life 45:58
Blackburn on the Skeptical Solution 46:58

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