Relational Database Management Systems (ArsDigita University)

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source: Jaap Weel     2012年8月19日
ArsDigita University Course 10: Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
A more formal approach to Relational Database Management Systems, compared the way they were covered during Web Applications. Database systems are discussed from the physical layer of B-trees and file servers to the abstract layer of relational design. Also includes alternative and generic approaches to database design and database management system including relational, object-relational, and object-oriented systems, SQL standards, algebraic query languages, integrity constraints, triggers, functional dependencies, and normal forms. Other topics include tuning database transactions, security from the application perspective, and data warehousing.
Text: Database Management Systems, Ramakrishnan and Gehrke.

Lecture 1/11 1:24:31 Overview, Query Processing, Embedded SQL, Cursors, Triggers
Lecture 2/11 43:03 Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus
Lecture 3/11 57:24 Entity Relationship Diagrams
Lecture 4/11 43:21 RDBMS Memory and Disk Storage, RAID, Buffer Management
Lecture 5/11 33:35 Unordered/Sorted/Hashed Files, Indexes
Lecture 6/11 55:26 Index Sequential Access Method, B+ Trees
Lecture 7/11 39:18 Static and Dynamic Hash Indexing
Lecture 8/11 1:24:07 External Sorting, Merge Sort, Double Buffering, Replacement Sort
Lecture 9/11 43:16 Query Optimizers, Query Evaluation
Lecture 10/11 51:00 Normal Forms
Lecture 11/11 37:54 Query Analysis and Optimizing in Oracle

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