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source: Brown University    2015年11月30日

The Right to Face Your Accuser: Child Abuse and the Sixth Amendment 1:27:08
Should the Confrontation Clause limit the admissibility of children's statements to mandatory child abuse reporters? Richard Friedman (University of Michigan Law School) and Thomas Lyon (USC Gould School of Law) will discuss alternative perspectives on the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment. The Confrontation Clause typically guarantees citizens the right to face their accusers. The unique circumstances of child abuse raised in Ohio v. Clark perhaps require deeper consideration.
Capitalism, Progressivism, and Mass Incarceration 1:47:06
Odyssey Lecture with Dan Price 1:32:40
Janus Conversation with Daron Acemoglu and Jeffrey Sachs button 2:05:29
Thinking Strategically: Should America Support Israel? 1:53:15
Janus Forum "What if the US Legalized All Drugs?" 1:37:10
Should Free Speech be Limited on College Campuses? 1:43:15
Inequality: Is America Becoming a Two-Tiered Society? 1:27:54

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