Genomic Medicine X: Research Directions in Pharmacogenomics Implementation

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source: National Human Genome Research Institute    2017年5月15日
On May 2-3, 2017, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) sponsored its 10th Genomic Medicine meeting - Genomic Medicine X: Pharmacogenomics - at the Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel in Silver Spring, Maryland. More: https://www.genome.gov/27568408

GM10: Welcome, Opening Remarks, General Updates - Teri Manolio 8:50
GM10: Announcements, Opening Remarks - Mary Relling 10:00
GM10: Angela's Story - Why Pharmacogenetics Matters - Paul Anderson 22:42
GM10: Exploiting Pharmacogenetic Discovery to Improve Patient Care... 32:28
GM10: NIH Supported PGx Research - Simona Volpi 20:35
GM10: Discussion on Session 1: The PGx Landscape 14:44
GM10: CPIC, Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium and PharmGKB - Mary Relling 23:24
GM10: ClinGen, Clinical Genome Resource and ClinVar, Clinical Variant Resource - Heidi Rehm 20:47
GM10: DiGITizE, Displaying and Integrating Genetic Information Through the EHR - Sandy Aronson 19:23
GM10: PharmCAT, Pharmacogenomic Clinical Annotation Tool - Marylyn Ritchie 24:36
GM10: Discussion on Session 2: Resources for PGx Implementation 50:11
GM10: Exceptional Responders Study - Nikhil Wagle 21:13
GM10: INdiana GENomics Implementation: an Opportunity for the UnderServed - Todd Skaar 18:44
GM10: PGx Implementation Research Programs at Northwestern - Minoli Perera 18:33
GM10: PGx Implementation at Mission Health System - Lynn Dressler 22:12
GM10: PGx Implementation Research Programs at Vanderbilt - Josh Denny 18:44
GM10: Discussion on Session 3: Implementation Research Projects 57:47
GM10: Panel Discussion: Research Gaps to be Addressed 1:27:30
GM10: eMERGE-PGx - Laura Rasmussen-Torvik 20:13
GM10: Addressing Knowledge Deficits in Pediatric PGx... 22:52
GM10: Clopidogrel - Larisa Cavallari 22:20
GM10: Pragmatic Application of Economic and Cost-effectiveness Analysis 26:20
GM10: Discussion on Session 4: Evaluating Outcomes and Cost-effectiveness 1:00:20
GM10: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Training PGx Practitioners... 19:49
GM10: ISCC and Training PGx Practitioners - Robert Wildin 24:23
GM10: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Training PGx Practitioners at Moffitt - Howard McLeod 20:30
GM10: Discussion for Session 5: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Training PGx Practitioners 37:19
GM10: Summary and Synthesis - Teri Manolio and Mary Relling 1:27:05

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