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source: matsciencechannel    2014年12月12日

"Infinity for Kids: As Concretely as Possible - Some New Ideas" by Mike Fellows 1:09:41
The talk will begin with a few anecdotes about the spell that the notion of infinity seems to cast on children as young as 5-6-7 years of age. How to make this conceptual curiosity mathematically concrete for them? The talk will offer a few new ideas about that, from on-going research projects where some of the open problems can be explained to anyone, including 5-6-7s. And the Rainbow Snake, which appeared at the first CMSC, will make another appearance.
"My Journey with Cubes and Hyper-Cubes" by Matt Skoss 30:52
"Mathematics is everywhere" by Ambat Vijayakumar 30:19
"Patterns Preschoolers and Processors" by Erika Pickworth 38:50
"Art, Math, and the Qualitative: Changing the Focus in the Math Classroom" by Sunita Vatuk 1:06:39
"Class activity and self study" by Noy Rotbart 29:21
"Problem posing pedagogies: Situated learning in mathematics " by Anita Rampal 33:08
"Games to illustrate adversial strategies in algorithm design" by Ruediger Reischuk 30:44
"Learning programming with Pocket Code, a Scratch-like Android app" by Wolfgang Slany 1:03:09
"Developing student's mathematical thinking through investigatory projects" by Jonaki Ghosh 43:03
"CS Unplugged and the new school curricula" by Tim Bell 28:28
"Case for ICT, Computer Science and Chess in Early Childhood Education byFred Sagwe 19:50
"Mattermatics" by Vivek Monteiro 59:56
Adventures with the DRAGON - An interactive performance" by Verena Sprecht Ronique 9:17
We Shall Overcome : Social justice through Mathematics Education by Elena Prieto Rodriguez 21:06
Teaching Computer Science and Computational Thinking 1:09:41

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