AQIS 2013

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source: matsciencechannel    2013年10月8日

001 Taming the quantum tiger - Umesh Vazirani 1:03:25
Abstract. Quantum computation has taught us that a quantum system is best visualized as a wild tiger rather than a tame Schrodinger's cat. Indeed the exponential power of quantum systems, which makes quantum computers possible, is also an enormous obstacle to analyzing and understanding physical systems. Is there a way to tame the quantum tiger and neutralize this curse of exponentially? In this talk I will address this question in two settings:
1. Are there general classes of quantum systems whose states can be efficiently (polynomially) computed on a traditional classical computer?
2. Is it possible for a classical experimentalist to test that an untrusted quantum system behaves as commanded? For example, is it possible to test that a claimed quantum computer is really quantum? The talk will discuss recent breakthroughs in both settings, as well as many exciting open questions. I will make every attempt to keep the discussion widely accessible.
002 Quantum communication: Tasks and resources Charles H. Bennett 1:37:27
003 Present status of the programme of Hidden Variable Theory and its implications 1:36:33
004 Quantum channel capacities -- Some answer and many questions 1:50:03
005 Inaugural function 39:45
006 Monogamy of entanglement and fully device independent quantum key distribution 1:08:22
007 When do LOCC suffice for optimal quantum state discrimination? 32:49
008 Tight bounds on the distinguishability of quantum states under separable measurements 25:41
009 Unextendible mutually unbiased bases from Pauli classes 27:54
010 Quantum algorithms for matrix multiplication 1:08:26
011 Engineering coherence and entanglement via photon addition and subtraction 1:06:14
012 Is nonclassicality-breaking the same thing as entanglement-breaking? 26:16
013 Entanglement enhances performance in microscopic quantum fridges 27:36
014 MDI-EWs: Demonstrating arbitrarily weak entanglement using untrusted measurement devices 33:43
015 Quantum correlations in Newtonian space and time: Arbitrarily fast communication or nonlocality 1:03:22
016 Entanglement and complete positivity: Relevance and manifestations in classical optics 1:00:57
017 Strong converse for the classical capacity of entanglement-breaking and Hadamard channels 36:02
018 Zero-error classical channel capacity & simulation cost 28:44
019 Toward quantum photonic network by Masahide Sasaki 57:39
021 Limitations on quantum privacy swapping 31:41
020 Single-mode bright squeezed vacuum 30:44
022 Continuous variable entropic uncertainty relations in the presence of quantum memory 28:53
023 Hamiltonian simulation with complexity polylogarithmic in the error 25:45

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