Template Analysis: An Interview with Prof. Nigel King

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source: Graham R Gibbs     2012年4月5日
In ten parts, Graham R Gibbs interviews Prof. Nigel King about his Template Analysis approach to qualitative data analysis. They discuss the details steps involved and how it compares with other forms of qualitative analysis

Template analysis Part 1, Constructing the Template 14:37 In ten sections here is a video interview with Prof. Nigel King about the qualitative data analysis method he has promoted and written about called Template Analysis. This is a form of thematic analysis where in order to analyse the data the researcher identifies or develops a number of themes or codes which summarise and join together some of the key ideas, actions, experiences and concepts from the data that is being analysed. Such themes, often called codes, are connected to sections of the text that exemplify them. The process of linking the title of a theme with a related chunk of text is called coding.
In this interview, Nigel King describes the key stages of Template Analysis, how the themes are arranged into templates and how these templates are revised. In particular he discusses how these thematic ideas can be used to follow the development of your thinking about the data you are analysing and how they contribute to the final write-up of of your research.
See: http://www2.hud.ac.uk/hhs/research/te...
Template analysis Part 2, Coding 6:53
Template analysis Part 3, Relationship with other coding approaches 2:08
Template analysis Part 4, Analytic and Descriptive Coding 5:49
Template analysis Part 5, Revising the template 7:52
Template analysis Part 6, Interpretation 3:27
Template analysis Part 7, How many themes? 2:14
Template analysis Part 8, Other relationships between themes in the template 7:55
Template analysis Part 9, The Write Up 4:37
Template analysis Part 10, Comparison with other analytic approaches 10:04

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