Coding in qualitative data analysis by Graham R. Gibbs

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source: Graham R Gibbs    2011年10月24日
Extracts from a lecture to postgraduate (graduate) students about thematic coding in qualitative data analysis. It includes a look at Alan Bryman's four stages of coding, the idea of thematic coding and what themes can be about, what coding can be used for and how to construct and use a coding hierarchy.

Coding Part 1: Alan Bryman's 4 Stages of qualitative analysis 9:37
An overview of the process of qualitative data analysis based on Alan Bryman's four stages of analysis.
Bryman, A (2001) Social Research Methods, Oxford: Oxford University Press
Coding Part 2: Thematic coding 6:45
Coding Part 3: What can codes be about 12:01
Coding Part 4: What is coding for? 13:31
Coding Part 5: The code list or code hierarchy 7:46

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