Grounded theory by Graham R. Gibbs

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source: Graham R Gibbs   2010年6月11日
A series of videos on Grounded Theory from a lecture to Masters (graduate) students. Also included is a selection of good videos on YouTube about Grounded Theory, including four by Barney Glaser, one of the founders of GT, and videos of more recent writers on GT such as Kathy Charmaz, Tony Bryant and Cathy Urquhart.

Grounded Theory - Core Elements. Part 1 4:59 In this two part video, Graham R. Gibbs introduces the idea of developing grounded theory and discusses some of the core elements of the approach to qualitative data analysis.
See: Gibbs, Graham Robert. (2012) 'Grounded theory, coding and computer-assisted analysis'. In S. Becker, A. Bryman & H. Ferguson (eds.), Understanding Research for Social Policy and Social Work: Themes, Methods and Approaches. 2nd edn. Bristol: Policy Press. pp. 337-343.
Grounded Theory - Core Elements. Part 2 6:23
Grounded Theory - Open Coding Part 1 6:47
Grounded Theory - Open Coding Part 2 8:22
Grounded Theory - Open Coding Part 3 7:03
Grounded Theory - Open Coding Part 4 9:25
Grounded theory - Axial Coding 7:50
Grounded Theory - Selective coding 4:08
Grounded Theory - Line-by-line Coding 6:35
Grounded theorists and some critiques of grounded theory 7:53
A Discussion with Prof Kathy Charmaz on Grounded Theory 58:22
BSA MedSoc 2012 - Professor Kathy Charmaz presents 'The Power and Potential of Grounded Theory' See: Charmaz, Kathy. (2006) Constructing Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide Through Qualitative Analysis. London, Thousand Oaks, New Delhi: Sage.  1:06:35
Research Training 2 day Workshop -Grounded Theory Method Prof Tony Bryant See: Bryant, Antony, & Charmaz, Kathy (eds.). (2010) The SAGE Handbook of Grounded Theory. Los Angeles: Sage. 48:56
The Literature Review in Grounded Theory 4:09
Grounded Theory is the study of a concept! 4:23
High impact dependent variables 6:10
Jargonizing: Using the Grounded Theory vocabulary 6:54
5 5 Grounded theory 12:51
5 6 versions of Grounded theory 11:23
Using Grounded Theory in ICT4D Research: Seminar See: Urquhart, Cathy. (2013) Grounded Theory for Qualitative Research: A Practial Guide. Los Angeles, London: Sage. 1:02:23
Constant Comparison Stop Motion Demo 3:30
Grounded Theory Lecture A/Professor Jane Mills James Cook University 44:06
Prof. Juliet Corbin at the Sixth Israeli Qualitative Conference A conference presentation about Anselm Strauss. The life and thought of one of the founders of Grounded Theory Method. 42:53
Blended EAP Professionals: A Critical Grounded Theory (Part 1) See: Hadley, G (2016) Grounded Theory for Applied Linguists: A Practical Guide. London: Routledge. 1:05:52

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