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source: LeonhardEuler1     2013年2月3日
This playlist consists of various lectures from the Strings 2012 conference. The Strings conference is the largest annual meeting of string theorists, and includes the biggest names in the subject giving talks on advancements made in essentially every aspect of the theory. Anyone who is interested in the subject should be quite interested in these talks! (I'm hoping to actually attend the conference this year in Seoul... but we'll see...)
The lectures can be found, viewed, and downloaded from free from the website for the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, which was the venue for the conference in 2012). In particular, there are many more lectures which do not appear in this playlist (these are merely the lectures I personally find most interesting). Their website can be found here:

David Gross: Outlook and Vision (Strings 2012) 23:39 This is the talk given by the distinguished theoretical physicist David Gross at Strings 2012. This talk is on the outlook and vision for the future of string theory. David Gross is a professor at UC Santa Barbara who is renowned for his fundamental contributions to theoretical physics including his development (with J.A. Harvey, E. Martinec, and R. Rohm, who make up the so-called Princeton string quartet) of the heterotic string, and his 2004 Nobel Prize winning discovery of asymptotic freedom (with F. Wilczek and independently discovered by D. Politzer)- a critically important concept in quantum chromodynamics (QCD).
Nathan Seiberg, Chern-Simons Contact Terms (String 2012) 32:35
Juan Maldacena, Constraining Theories with Higher Spin Symmetry (Strings 2012) 37:06
Barton Zwiebach, Glimpses of Double Field Theory Geometry (Strings 2012) 32:07
Edward Witten, Superstring Perturbation Theory Revisited (Strings 2012) 38:39
Gary Horowitz, Why General Relativity is Like a High Temperature Superconductor (Strings 2012) 30:52
Jonathan Heckman, Covariant Non-Commutative Geometry from String Theory (Strings 2012) 29:28
Shamit Kachru, New Horizons in Finite Density Field Theory and String Theory (Strings 2012) 37:51
Mirjam Cvetič, Non-perturbative Effects in F-theory Compactifications (Strings 2012) 37:22
Costas Kounnas, Non-singular Superstring Cosmologies (Strings 2012) 27:07
Gabriele Veneziano, Opening Lecture II (Strings 2012) 36:21
Alejandra Castro, Path Integrals in 3D Gravity (Strings 2012) 27:24
Andrew Strominger, Progress in dS/CFT (Strings 2012) 39:56
Alexander Polyakov, Quantum Instability of the de Sitter Space (Strings 2012) 35:46
Cumrun Vafa, Topological Strings and Their Diverse Applications (Strings 2012) 1:02:15
John Schwarz, Opening Lecture I (Strings 2012) 27:25
Zohar Komargodski, Comments on the Renormalization Group and Diverse Applications (Strings 2012) 28:22
Hermann Nicolai, Alternative Approaches to Quantum Gravity: A Brief Survey (Strings 2012) 1:04:11

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