String Theory Review (Freddy Cachazo @PSI 2011)

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source: LeonhardEuler1    2012年11月4日
Lectures by Freddy Cachazo on string theory, which were given at the Perimeter Institute PSI programme in 2011.
There are some excellent lectures given on string theory by Leonard Susskind which can be found over on Stanford's Channel, but I thought a few more wouldn't hurt. These lectures (given by Freddy Cachazo in 2011 - NOT my videos! All rights, credit, etc. go to the Perimeter Institute, which can be found at the website linked to below) suffice until I have to time and mastery of the concepts required to be comfortable making my own videos on the topics, which are my primary area of research. All the videos come from, and can be downloaded from in various formats and from previous years, the Perimeter Institute (where these lectures took place) website:
Before attacking these topics, it would be wise have first have familiarity with quantum field theory. Excellent lectures on these topics given by David Tong (of Cambridge) and Francois David at the Perimeter Institute in 2009 and 2011, respectively, can be seen here:
The aforementioned lectures by Leo Susskind can be found here:

String Theory (Review) | Lecture 1 1:16:14 This lecture provides a historical introduction to the topic and illustrates why one would be interested in pursuing string theory in the first place.
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 2 1:10:57
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 3 1:10:41
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 4 1:07:38
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 5 1:21:23
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 6 1:12:45
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 7 1:13:00
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 8 1:07:06
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 9 1:10:48
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 10 1:13:07
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 11 1:20:03
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 12 1:13:39
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 13 1:24:57
String Theory (Review) | Lecture 14 1:17:38

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