Manifolds with Special Holonomy and their Calibrated Submanifolds and Connections

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source: LeonhardEuler1    2014年9月8日
Talks from the "Manifolds with Special Holonomy and their Calibrated Submanifolds and Connections" workshop held at Banff in April-May of 2012.
The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here:

Micah Warren, Calibrated Geometry in the Optimal Transportation Problem 49:27
Yunxia Chen, Minuscule Representation Bundles on Surfaces with ADE Singularities 42:00
Sergey Grigorian, Deformations of G2-structures with Torsion 46:14
Maurizio Parton, Spin(9), Complex Structures, and Vector Fields on Spheres 50:20
Tommaso Pacini, Gluing Constructions for Special Lagrangian Conifolds in C^m 36:11
Aaron Smith, A Theory of Multiholomorphic Maps 50:46
Derek Harland, Instantons and Killing Spinors 48:27
Ronan Conlon, A Theorem of Existence for Asymptotically Conical Calabi Yau Manifolds 49:43
Alexei Kovalev, Asymptotically Cylindrical Spin(7) Manifolds 50:27
Jason Lotay, Deforming G2 Conifolds 49:37

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