Algebraic Stacks: Progress and Prospects

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source: LeonhardEuler1     2014年9月5日
Talks from the "Algebraic Stacks: Progress and Prospects" workshop held at Banff in March of 2012.
The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here:

Jim Bryan, Counting Hyperelliptic Curves on Abelian Surfaces via Orbifolds 55:37
Ravi Vakil, Stabilization of Discriminants in the Grothendieck Ring 56:00
Jonathan Wise, Deformation Theory and Grothendieck Topologies 55:12
Matthew Satriano, Stacky Resolutions 52:00
Anton Geraschenko, When is a Variety a Quotient of a Smooth Variety by a Finite Group? 59:33
Carlos Simpson, Homotopy Theory of Higher Categories 55:55
Angelo Vistoli, The Nori Fundamental Gerbe of Algebraic Stacks 55:12
Hsian-Hua Tseng, On the Geometry of Étale Gerbes 50:04
Behrang Noohi, Forms of Algebraic Stacks 1:00:35
Max Lieblich, The Moduli Space of Supersingular K3 Surfaces is Uniruled 53:29
Roy Joshua, K-theory and G-theory of Algebraic and dg-stacks 50:23
Dan Edidin, New Products, Chern Classes, and Power Operations in Orbifold K-theory 56:36
Jarod Alper, Existence of Good Moduli Spaces for Moduli Stacks of Ak-curves 58:05
Tyler Jarvis, Landau-Ginzburg Mirror Symmetry for Orbifolded Frobenius Algebras 50:09
Amalendu Krishna, Equivariant Cobordism of Schemes 1:00:46
Etienne Mann, Quantum D-module for Toric Nef Hypersurfaces 56:45
Fabio Perroni, Irreducibility of Moduli Spaces of Curves with a Fixed Group of Automorphisms 1:05:19

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