Evolution Equations of Physics, Fluids, and Geometry: Asymptotics and Singularities

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source: LeonhardEuler1     2014年9月4日
Talks from the "Evolution Equations of Physics, Fluids, and Geometry: Asymptotics and Singularities" workshop held at Banff in September of 2012.
The conference website, where the videos can be downloaded, can be found here:

Edriss Titi, On the Loss of Regularity for the Three Dimensional Euler Equations 48:29
Gabriel Koch, Blow-up of Critical Besov Norms at a Navier Stokes Singularity 48:27
Jeremie Szeftel, On Collapsing Ring Blow-up Solutions to the Mass Supercritical NLS 54:42
Nobu Kishimoto, Construction of Blow-up Solutions for the Zakharov System on 2-dimensional Torus 48:38
Tristan Roy, On Control Of Sobolev Norms Of Solutions Of Some Semilinear Wave Equations... 43:34
Daniel Tataru, The Energy Critical Maxwell Klein Gordon Equations 48:12
Ioan Bejenaru, Global Solutions for Equivariant Schrödinger Maps 48:54
Paul Smith, Low Regularity Local Well-posedness of Chern-Simons-Schrödinger for Small Data 38:35
Piotr Bizon, Turbulent Instability of Anti-de Sitter Space 45:16
Boris Ettinger, Local Well-posedness for the Minimal Surface Equation in Minkowski Space 45:11
Arick Shao, Null Cones to Infinity, Curvature Flux, and Bondi Mass 43:49
Tadahiro Choonghong Oh, Invariant Weighted Wiener Measure for the Derivative NLS 49:05
Vladimir Sverak, On Scale invariant Solutions of the Navier Stokes Equations 38:42
Magdalena Czubak, Cosmic Strings and Abelian Higgs Model 33:23
Pierre Germain, A Discrete to Continuous Spectrum Limit for 2D NLS 47:49
Anne Sophie de Suzzoni, On the Propagation of Weakly Nonlinear Random Dispersive Waves 38:53

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