Workshop on Quantum Games and Protocols

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source: Simons Institute    2014年3月6日
Workshop on Quantum Games and Protocols
Feb. 24 – Feb. 28, 2014
Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology are enabling fast and cost-effective generation of sequence data. Soon, whole-genome sequencing will become a routine assay, opening up new opportunities for biomedical research and related fields. Several large-scale sequencing projects are currently under way, each with the aim of sequencing the genomes of hundreds or thousands of individuals (either humans or model organisms). Such projects will provide a comprehensive view of genomic variation in different populations and elucidate the relative contribution of various biological mechanisms to evolution. Given this explosion of data, evolutionary biologists now hope to make inference in models of evolution with unprecedented complexity. This workshop will center around recent advances in computation-intensive probabilistic and statistical inference methods for large-scale population genomics, focusing on the crucial role of efficient algorithms and accurate probabilistic modeling.
For more information, please visit http://simons.berkeley.edu/workshops/qhc2014-1.
These presentations were supported in part by an award from the Simons Foundation.

Tests for "Quantumness" Umesh Vazirani, UC Berkeley http://simons.berkeley.edu/talks/umes... 41:38
Games to Establish Structure in an Unknown Hilbert Space 48:29
Blind and Verifiable Quantum Computation 39:24
From Photonic Quantum Cloud Computing to Interactive Proofs 35:36
Tick-tock Goes the Clock 1:02:47
Limitations for Quantum PCPs 57:37
An Approach To The Sliding Scale Conjecture Via Parallel Repetition For Low Degree Testing 1:02:48
A Survey on the Complexity of Entangled Provers 1:02:40
Quantum Proofs of Knowledge 1:02:36
How to Encrypt a Functionality 1:03:46
Quantum Obfuscation of Classical Circuits 31:58
Delegated Quantum Computation from Sequential Games 39:29
Forcing Trust: Nonlocal Games and Untrusted-device Cryptography 49:23
Infinite Randomness Expansion with a Constant Number of Devices 27:10
How to Delegate Computations: The Power of No-Signaling Proofs 55:13
Entanglement in Many Body Quantum Systems 1:07:49
Games and Grothendieck's Tensor Norms 1:06:40
Semidefinite Hierarchies in Quantum Information 52:16
Monogamy of Non-signaling Correlations 51:39
A Short Tour of the Laws of Entanglement (And How to Evade Them) 47:21
Direct Products and Parallel Repetition 1:08:11
Parallel Repetition of Entangled Games with Exponential Decay via the Superposed Information Cost 32:33
A Parallel Repetition Theorem for Entangled Two-player One-round Games Under Product Distributions 29:03
Quantum Weak Coin Flipping with Arbitrarily Small Bias 1:04:39
Quantum Cryptography: From Theory to Practice 34:51
Quantum and Classical Coin-flipping Protocols Based on Bit-commitment and their Point Games 34:02
A Tensor Network View of Kitaev's Lower Bound for Strong Coin Flipping 29:17
Verification of BosonSampling Devices 58:16

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