Summer School on Nanomedicine and Innovation

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source: TAUVOD   2014年6月17日
The Marian Gertner Institute for Medical Nanosystems,
Tel Aviv University, June 15-19, 2014

Welcome - Summer School on Nanomedicine and Innovation 7:07 Speaker: Dan Peer (TAU)
Day 1: Introduction to Nanomedicine
Introduction to nanomedicine with emphasis on carrier-mediated drug targeting 1:20:13
Harnessing RNAi based nanomedicines for precision medicine 1:08:26
Choosing proper lipids for your nanoscale drug/siRNA carrier 38:32
Plenary lecture 2:04:53
MicroRNA-based therapeutics in cancer 1:22:43
Nano-scale systems for targeted therapies 49:07
Effect on tumor microenvironment on the transport of nanovectors in primary tumors 52:01
NanoAssemblr technology 28:25
Nanoparticle-based mucosal delivery of RNA interference therapeutics 1:09:01
Keynote lecture - Nucleic acids delivery 1:07:25
Soft self-assembled drug nanocarriers based on cubosomes and hexosomes 52:55
Nanotechnology Tools in Biology and Medicine Applications 51:19
Multifunctional Discoidal Polymeric Nanoconstructs for Cancer Theranostics 59:49
Nanoparticles for Imagins and Sensing in Biology 46:37
Nanomedicine and IP 37:07
The entrepreneur Reality Show - How do I start? 57:25
Why is it important to know the mode of action of drugs? 40:43
The invisible foe: the viral peril and the vecoy nanotechnology 30:25
Fromo the bench to the bedside 23:55
Liposome-based steroidal nano-drugs for the treatment of diseases that involve inflammation 20:07
Closure 2:31

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