Micro and Nano Technologies Introduction Course

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source: TAUVOD    2010年11月2日
This course covers all major microfabrication processes: General overview of the microfabrication technology. The structures of crystals and the silicon crystal, defects in crystals, fabrication processes of silicon crystals (CZ, FZ). Ion implantation. Diffusion. Thin layers: Evaporation, sputtering, CVD, PECVD, oxidation. Etching processes: Wet etching, dry etching (physical, chemical, RIE, DRIE). Photolithography. Conducting coatings. Electrical contacts and packaging: Wire bonding, flip-chip, wafer scale packaging. Overview of the Bipolar and CMOS technology in light of the subjects studied. Overview of MEMS in light of the subjects studies. Yield and reliability of the VLSI technology. Basic CAD for VLSI.

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