International Environmental Law at UCBerkeley

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source: UCBerkeley    2009年9月1日
This course is a seminar on the role of law in the management of international environmental problems. The course will begin with a brief introduction to public international law as it relates to the environment and a discussion of what international environmental law means. Participants in the course will study a range of environmental issues, legal sources, and institutions.

Lecture 1: The Scope of International Environmental Law 1:44:09
Lecture 2: Dispute Settlement, Compliance & International Institutions 1:45:19
Lecture 3: Bilateral Disputes 1:47:14
Lecture 4: Transboundary Watercourses and Groundwater 1:42:23
Lecture 5: Montreal Protocol 1:45:16
Lecture 7: Human Rights and Environment guest: Neil Popovic 1:54:17
Lecture 8: Climate Change 2 1:40:41
Lecture 9: Biodiversity 1:49:08
Lecture 10: Role of National Courts and Laws 1:03:52
Lecture 11: Trade and Environment 35:58
Lecture 12: Hazardous Materials 1:49:51
Lecture 13: Procedural Tools for Effectiveness: Participation, Access 1:47:08
Lecture 14: State Reponsibility - War and Environment 1:36:28
Frederick K. Cox International Law Center Lecture in Global Legal Reform - Luis Moreno-Ocampo 1:02:48
Environmental Law Lecture 1:10:37
Pt 1 - Symposium on International Law and Justice 1:15:26

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