The 23nd Jerusalem School in Economic Theory (2012)

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies   2012年6月18日
The 23nd Jerusalem School in Economic Theory - Intertemporal Public Economics The Israel Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Edmond J. Safra, Givat Ram Campus Jerusalem, ISRAEL 91904 Telephone: 02- 658 4735;Fax: 02- 652 3429
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Eric Maskin - keynote 6:04
Partha Dasgupta (University of Cambridge) Welfare Axiomatics: Time and Persons 1:11:56
Partha Dasgupta -Optimum Development and Life-Cycle Saving 1:15:05
Partha Dasgupta (University of Cambridge) Optimum Development and Life-Cycle Saving (fixed) 1:15:05
Partha Dasgupta -Sustainable Development and the Accumulation of Wealth 1:25:08
Roger Guesnerie-Expectational Coordination in the Short Run and in the Long Run 1:34:27
Partha Dasgupta - Arrow Lecture: 2012 1:23:12
Eytan Sheshinski - Longevity and Aggregate Savings 1:20:24
Roger Guesnerie- Expectational Coordination, Next: Monetary Policy, RBC Models 1:25:06
Eytan Sheshinski - Arrival of Information and Residual Annuity Markets 1:22:44
Ilya Segal -Dynamic Mechanism Design: The First-Order Approach 1:29:44
Aleh Tsyvinski - Optimal Capital Taxation in Dynamic Mirrlees Models 1:15:27
Emmanuel Farhi-Capital Taxation: Quantitative Implications of the Inverse Euler Equation 1:28:17
Ilya Sega- Dynamic Mechanism Design: Sufficiency and Optimization 1:28:36
Aleh Tsyvinski-Connecting Static and Dynamic Models 1:19:58
Emmanuel Farhi -Insurance and Taxation over the Life-Cycle 1:33:01
Ilya Segal -Dynamic Mechanism Design: Efficiency and Budget Balance 1:18:04
Aleh Tsyvinski - Disability Insurance; Optimal Taxation with Endogenous Insurance 1:25:21
Emmanuel Farhi-Nonlinear Capital Taxation Without Commitment 1:17:25

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