Geometric and Combinatorial Group Theory- In honor of Eliyahu Rips

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies    2014年12月14日

Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt University) -Tarski numbers of groups 48:57
Mark Feighn -The Rips machine and definable subsets of free groups 1:02:16
Ilya Kapovich - Dynamics and polynomial invariants of free-bycyclic groups 1:03:26
Yael Algom-Kfir (University of Haifa) A dense geodesic in Moduli space of graphs 49:28
Vincent Guirardel -Embeddings of hyperbolic groups and extensions of automorphisms 1:01:52
Peter B. Shalen - Homology and volume of hyperbolic 3-orbifolds, 59:50
Daniel T. Wise -Counting cycles in graphs: A rank-1 version of the Hanna Neumann Conjecture 1:00:11
Gilbert Levitt -Stabilizers on the boundary of outer space (joint work with Vincent Guirardel) 57:52
Arye Juhasz - A small cancellation resolution of a single defining relator 59:41
Koji Fujiwara (Kyoto University) Stable commutator length on mapping class groups 56:23
Eliyahu Rips 53:17
Roman Mikhailov-Combinatorial group theory and homotopy 47:55
Thomas Delzant -Trees and Kähler groups 59:19
Avinoam Mann -Curiouser and Curiouser, said Alice 1:01:59
Yoav Segev -A non-split sharply 2-transitive group 1:02:03
Alexander Ol'shanskii - On highly transitive actions of infinite groups 47:32
Alexei Kanel-Belov Construction of finitely presented infinite nillsemigroup 1:00:43
Aner Shalev (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Invariable generation of groups 1:04:47
Chloe Perin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) On the superstable part of the free group 58:43
Itay Benjamini (Weizmann Institute of Science) Harmonic functions on graphs 50:17
Lev Birbrair (Universidade Federal do Ceará) Lipshitz geometry of singularities 1:02:45
Alexander Lubotzky -Combinatorial group theory for profinite and residually finite groups 1:07:17

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