Quantum (and Classical) Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators (PHHQP13)

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies     2015年7月19日
Quantum (and Classical) Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators (PHHQP13)

Carl M. Bender - PT symmetry and the taming of instabilities (Washington University in St. Louis) 1:15:17
Lev Vaidman : Effective Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian of a pre- and post-selected quantum system 1:08:06
Naomichi Hatano -Two methods of numerically computing the inverse localization 57:57
Andrey V. Sokolov -Spectral Design for Non-Hermitian Matrix Hamiltonians. 36:12
Michael Ogilvie - PT Symmetry and QCD at finite density 1:02:21
Avner Peleg -Coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations 35:37
Jean Zinn-Justin- The imaginary cubic perturbation revisited: 57:04
Philipp Ambichl - Constant-intensity waves in non-Hermitian potentials 34:44
Jörg Doppler- General description of quasi-adiabatic dynamical phenomena near exceptional points 30:15
Avadh Saxena - PT-Symmetric Kagome Lattices and Nonequilibrium Work 50:22
Boris Malomed- PT symmetry in optics beyond the paraxial approximation 1:03:26
Igor V. Barashenkov -Nonlinear Schrodinger dimer with gain and loss:amiltonian structure 1:00:56
Günther Wunner -) Resonances in scattering at third-order exceptional points 56:04
Holger Cartarius - A coupling approach to realize a PT- 58:33
Uwe Guenther - Hamiltonian and dissipative second order polynomial flows on spheres 41:32
Sergii Kuzhel - On the theory of C-symmetries 1:09:00
Joshua Feinberg: Quasihermitian random matrix theory 1:01:57
Miloslav Znojil - Quantum Big Bang/Crunch in a simplified scenario 57:19
Frantisek Ruzicka - Pseudospectra in quantum mechanics 34:40
Gal Harari: topological insulators in PT-symmetric lattices 36:19
Yogesh N Joglekar: PT lattice models 1:04:22
Boris Shapiro: PT-symmetry in macroscopic magnetic structures 47:47
Adi Pick: Ab-initio theory of emission spectra from gain media 36:28
A Douglas Stone - understanding lasers with nonhermitian physics 1:05:47
Tsampikos Kottos - Reflective Power Limiters based On non-Hermitian defect modes 48:24
Qinghai Wang-Spectra of Hamiltonians with PT-symmetric polynomial potentials 25:16
Frederik George Scholtz -Non-commutativity and other applications 1:00:58
Eva-Maria Graefe--Exploring new random matrix ensembles for PT- 54:23
Dorje Brody -PT-symmetric quantum mechanics in finite dimensions 1:02:55
Andreas Fring - a unifying E@-quasi-exactly solvable model 58:40

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