Economic Theory "Dynamic Games" - 2015

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies     2015年6月24日
The 26th Jerusalem School in Economic Theory "Dynamic Games" - 2015

Eric Maskin - Introductory Lecture (Harvard University) 1:35:27
Larry Samuelson - Introduction to Games with Incomplete Information and Reputations 1:29:57
George J. Mailath - The Canonical Reputation Model and Reputation Effects 1:31:11
Martin Cripps - Extensions of the Canonical Reputation Model 1:25:02
Martin Cripps - Disappearing Reputations and Reputations with Long-Lived Players 1:24:56
Navin Kartik - Signaling and Muddled Information 1:31:16
Navin Kartik - Information Disclosure and Competition 1:25:21
Israel (Robert John) Aumann - Repeated Games of Incomplete Information 1:29:58
Johannes Hörner - Discounted Stochastic Games: Incomplete Information 2 1:31:16
Guillaume Fréchette - Experiments on Infinitely Repeated Games II: Imperfect Monitoring 1:31:29
Alistair Wilson - Experiments on Dynamic Games I: From Infinitely Repeated Games to Dynamic 1:28:51
Abraham Neyman - "Stochastic Games Past, Present, and Future: A Personal Perspective" 1:29:05
Alistair Wilson - Experiments on Dynamic Games II: Richer Dynamic Environments 1:29:33
Sergiu Hart - Dynamics and Equilibria I 1:26:47
Arrow Lecture by Drew Fudenberg - Learning and Equilibrium in Games 1:08:05
Drew Fudenberg - Bandit Problems and Self-Confirming Equilibrium 1:26:50
Sergiu Hart - Dynamics and Equilibria II 1:31:18
Drew Fudenberg - Learning in Bayesian Games with Rational or Irrational Agents 1:30:38
Eric Maskin - Evolution and Repeated Games 1:32:01
Concert at the Jerusalem Music Center, Eric Maskin 2015 1:15:48

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