Introduction to Solid State Physics (Fall 2015) by Sergey Frolov at the U of Pittsburgh

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source: Sergey Frolov     2016年1月11日
Introduction to Solid State Physics
Upper-level undergraduate course taught at the University of Pittsburgh in the Fall 2015 semester by Sergey Frolov.
The course is based on Steven Simon's "Oxford Solid State Basics" textbook.
Lectures recorded using Panopto, to see them in Panopto viewer follow this link: https://pitt.hosted.panopto.com/Panop...
Syllabus available at: https://sergeyfrolov.wordpress.com/te...
Video is available in HD, make sure to adjust the youtube settings accordingly.

Lecture 1: Overview of the Course 1:14:55
Lecture 2: Basics of Quantum Mechanics 1:14:36
Lecture 3: Einstein and Debye Models of a Solid 1:14:31
Lecture 4: Drude and Sommerfeld Theories of Electrons in Solids 1:17:06
Lecture 5: One-dimensional models of vibrations in solids 1:11:57
Lecture 6: One-dimensional Tight Binding Model for Electrons 1:15:48
Lecture 7: Crystal Structure 1:13:19
Lecture 8: Reciprocal Lattice 1:14:06
Lecture 9: Scattering Experiments (X-ray Diffraction) 1:14:42
Lecture 10: Electron Waves in Crystals 1:20:22
Lecture 11: Band Structure of Electrons in Solids 1:14:01
Lecture 12: Physics of Semiconductors 1:00:57
Lecture 13: Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes 1:12:53
Lecture 14: Semiconductor Devices 1:17:20
Lecture 15: Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism 1:14:28
Lecture 16: Magnetic Order 1:16:38
Lecture 17: Mean Field Theories of Magnetism 1:16:44
Lecture 18: Superconductivity Experiments 1:12:49
Lecture 19: Superconductivity Theory 1:15:32
Lecture 20: Superconducting Devices 1:14:30
Lecture 21: Physics of Two-Dimensional Systems 1:19:24
Lecture 22: Quantum Point Contacts and Coulomb Blockade 1:21:48
Lecture 23: Quantum Computing Principles 1:19:48

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