General Cultural Anthropology (Fall 2011) by Doug Hayward at Biola University

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source: BiolaUniversity     2011年11月2日
General Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 200), Dr. Doug Hayward
The nature of people in culture; worldview and perception; culture change; a study of the subsystems of cultures, including social organization, religion, language and related topics.

Why We Study Anthropology 15:41
What Kind of Anthropologists are There? What is Worldview? 1:02:27
What is a Worldview? What are the Types of Worldviews? 1:08:52
Cultural Relativity and the Dangers of Absolute Relativism 55:09
Worldviews and Cultural Perspective 1:10:12
Anthropological Theory 1:08:09
Anthropological Theory - Part 2 1:02:36
Food Gathering Methods, Pt 1 1:07:41
Food Gathering Methods, Pt 2 1:12:35
Advanced Agriculture Techniques 1:10:25
Hermeneutics and Cultural Implications 1:01:54
Social Implications of Reciprocity 1:12:41
Economic Issues in Society: Capitalism and the Free Market 1:13:00
Marriage and the Regulation of Sexual Behaviors 43:15
The Function of Marriage 56:27
Types of Marriages in Different Cultures 1:07:17
Kinship Societies 55:52
God and Culture 1:06:16
Who Should We Follow? Leadership in Societies 46:06
Leadership in Societies: Tribal Communities 1:03:41
Societal Categorizations 59:26
Implications of Different Societies and Theories on Poverty 1:02:51
Religion and Cosmology 1:10:31
Religion and Cults 56:37

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