The role of sensorimotor experiences in aesthetic appreciation by Corinne Jola

source: SchAdvStudy    2013年12月18日
25-10-13 Institute of Philosophy
The Artful Brain Conference: The role of sensorimotor experiences in aesthetic appreciation - Corinne Jola (INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit)

Individuals and groups have communicated, expressed, and formed their emotions and identities through artistic practices such as music, painting, or dancing since ancient times. At the basis of art is a continuously refined aesthetic language which cuts across social barriers and enhances cross-cultural understanding. It is thus of huge socio-cultural and economical interest to better understand the brain functions that underlie our urge to create and appreciate art. Further, an in-depth knowledge of the developing brain mechanisms that help us understanding each other's' artistic creations through time informs us about the development of cognition processes and has a huge potential for rehabilitation. However, the study of art perception has its pitfalls. In my talk, I will introduce the research constraints on aesthetic experiences when watching dance. I will then present in more detail two of my recent studies in which we attempted to circumvent known issues in 'experimental aesthetics' by using either existing artistic works or professionally choreographed dance pieces to study dance-experienced spectators' kinaesthetic responses.

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