Descartes's Meditations on First Philosophy

source: Philosophical Overdose    2017年1月8日
The great French thinker René Descartes and his famous six Meditations, which marked the beginning of modern philosophy with its epistemological turn. This is from LibriVox, read by D.E. Wittkower. Note, I left out the letter of dedication, preface, and synopsis. Only the six meditations are included.
1. 00:26 Meditation I: Of the Things of which We may Doubt
2. 16:36 Meditation II: Of the Nature of Mind & that it is more Easily Known than the Body
3. 45:17 Meditation III: Of God, That He Exists
4. 1:32:14 Meditation IV: Of Truth and Error
5. 1:56:01 Meditation V: Of the Essence of Material Things, & Again Of God, That He Exists
6: 2:14:43 Meditation VI: Of the Existence of Material Things, and the Real Distinction between Mind & Body

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