Production/Operations Management by Ricki Kaplan at ETSU

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source: East Tennessee State University    2016年8月30日
MGMT 3100 - Production/Operations Management
Ricki Kaplan, ETSU College of Business and Technology
College of Business and Technology
ETSU Online Programs - http://www.etsu.edu/online

Welcome & Class Expectations 12:39 An introduction to the design, operation, and control of productive systems in both manufacturing and service organizations. Topics include product, process, plant, technology, and personnel decisions, logistics, production, inventory, quality, and cost control systems.
Introduction to Operations 26:28
Historical Perspective 15:33
Goods and Services 32:17
Product Quality Development 18:59
Decision Theory 24:52
Customer and Market Focus 28:32
Location Planning 44:39
Forecasting 1:03:15
Inventory Management 35:34
Process and Facility Selection 28:23
Design of Jobs and Compensation 23:21
Materials Requirement Planning 1:04:45
JIT and TOC Philosophies of Improving Operations 17:33
Quality Control 28:21
Refine and Redesign for Continuous Improvement 16:29
Scheduling and Real Time Operations 7:12
Exam I Content 4:11
Exam II Content 1:44

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