The Legacy of Emmy Noether (2016, ICTS Bangalore)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences     2016年9月7日
PROGRAM LINK: http://www.icts.res.in/discussion_mee...
DATES: Monday 29 Aug, 2016 - Tuesday 30 Aug, 2016
VENUE: Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
Emmy Noether (1882­-1935) is well known for her famous contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics. Noether’s mathematical work has been divided into three ”epochs”. In the first (1908­-19), she made contributions to the theories of algebraic invariants and number fields. Her work on differential invariants in the calculus of variations, Noether’s theorem, has been called ”one of the most important mathematical theorems ever proved in guiding the development of modern physics”. In the second epoch (1920-­26), she began work that changed the face of abstract algebra. In her classic paper Idealtheorie in Ringbereichen (Theory of Ideals in Ring Domains, 1921) Noether developed the theory of ideals in commutative rings into a tool with wide­ranging applications. She made elegant use of the ascending chain condition, and objects satisfying it are named Noetherian in her honor. In the third epoch (1927­-35), she published works on noncommutative algebras and hypercomplex numbers and united the representation theory of groups with the theory of modules and ideals. In addition to her own publications, Noether was generous with her ideas and is credited with several lines of research published by other mathematicians, even in fields far removed from her main work, such as algebraic topology.
In ICTS-­TIFR, we shall celebrate the work of this remarkable mathematician and physicist in this two day discussion meet.
The topics will include the following:
Noether's Theorem in Classical Dynamics: Continuous Symmetries and Conservation Laws for physical systems.
Applications of Noether theorem in particle physics, condensed matter physics, gravity and string theory.
Noether's pioneering contributions to Commutative Algebra and other fields of pure mathematics.
Application deadline: 01 July, 2016
Support for train travel by students and postdocs will be provided as per rules. Due to limited funds, faculty applicants are requested to find an alternative travel support.
For more information, contact program@icts.res.in

Noether’s Theorem in Classical Dynamics : Continuous Symmetries by N. Mukunda 1:02:25
Origin and Development of Valuation Theory by Sudesh Khanduja 1:02:03
Interplay of symmetries and other integrability quantifiers in finite by Lakhsmanan Muthusamy 1:04:50
Noether's theorem and particle physics by Rohini Godbole 57:30
Noether's works in Topology by Indranil Biswas 49:26
Noether's theorems and their growing physical relevance by Joseph Samuel 59:42
Emmy Noether in Erlangen and Göttingen by Ravi Rao 1:18:43
Symmetries and Condensed Matter physics by Subhro Bhattacharya 56:06
Emmy Noether’s ideas in Gravity, Black holes and AdS/CFT by Loganayagam 1:10:05

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