World Economic History before the Industrial Revolution (Spring 2009) by Gregory Clark at UC Davis)

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source: UC Davis Academics     2014年10月25日
This course details the nature and development of economies from pre-history to the Industrial Revolution. It explains how this was dramatically different from modern economies. Finally it considers what caused the Industrial Revolution, why it was in Europe, and why it was delayed till 1800.

Introduction 20:06 This class tackles the question: Why was there no improvement in human material conditions before 1800, and what triggered the Industrial Revolution? (Book chapter 1)
The Logic of the Malthusian Model I 47:52
The Logic of the Malthusian Model II 51:21
The Logic of the Malthusian Model III 50:16
The Logic of the Malthusian Model IV 48:51
Stagnating Living Standards before 1800 46:09
More on Living Standards 48:01
Fertility in the Pre-industrial World 50:33
Limits on Pre-Industrial Fertility 51:12
Survival of the Richest 51:35
Survival of the Richest II 51:01
Pre-Industrial Mortality 49:50
Social Mobility 48:46
The Malthusian Trap - Slow Technological Advance 49:41
Institutions and Technological Change before 1800 54:01
The Myth of Institutional Barriers 50:03
The Emergence of Modern Man I 52:07
The Emergence of Modern Man II 49:51
Cultural Changes and Modern Growth 51:51
Modern Economic Growth I 48:31
Modern Economic Growth II 49:16
Why was the Industrial Revolution delayed 100,000 years? 47:16
Theories of the Industrial Revolution 49:16
The English Industrial Revolution I 40:37
The English Industrial Revolution II 44:01
The English Industrial Revolution and Theories of Growth 44:33

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