Design as Activism (Winter 2009 at UC Davis) by Mark Francis

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source: UC Davis Academics    2014年10月25日
This seminar series features lectures and discussions on critical issues in landscape architecture surrounding the theme of "Design as Activism." The UC Davis Landscape Architecture Program offers this lecture series during fall, winter and spring quarters on Fridays at noon. The public is welcome to attend. No RSVP required. See http://lda.ucdavis.edu/ for our quarterly schedule.

Habits of the Proactive Practitioner 47:42 This lecture talks about the hazards and benefits of the pro-active practice.
See Me After Class: Commitment beyond the classroom 42:01
Designing with Humanity: Using Design to Advocate for Change 45:56
Engaging Community: Lessons from the field 48:24
Architecture and Social Change 48:34
Designing in Partnership with Community 49:16
The Pusher: Selling vision to communities 50:04
Liberatory Urbanism: Approaches to a practice 51:42
Drop City Revisited 37:08

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