The Global Connectivity Revolution with Parag Khanna

source: The RSA     2016年8月24日
The Global Connectivity Revolution with strategist and author Parag Khanna. We're accelerating into a future shaped less by countries and more by mega-cities; less by borders and more by connectivity. It is time to reimagine how life is organised on Earth. Leading strategist Parag Khanna shows how the global connectivity revolution - in transport, infrastructure, communications - has upended the ‘geography is destiny’ mantra, and how connectivity, not sovereignty, has become the organising principle of 21st century society.
Watch Parag Khanna, strategist and author of Connectography: Mapping the Global Network Revolution, in our latest RSA Spotlight - the edits which take you straight to the heart of the event! Loved this snippet? Watch the full replay: https://youtu.be/zsf81fHt0_c

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