Terry Eagleton / Firth Lectures 2012: Culture and the Death of God

source: University of Nottingham    2012年2月24/25日
The Firth Memorial Lectureship was founded by the Reverend John d'ewe Evelyn Firth in memory of his father, John Benjamin Firth, Historian of Nottingham and his mother Helena Gertrude Firth. The lecturer is appointed biennially by the Council of the University on the recommendation of the Senate of the University, and under the terms of the Trust he delivers a public lecture or lectures on some aspect of the Christian Faith in relation to contemporary problems.
In February 2012, Professor Terry Eagleton delivered the latest Firth Lectures entitled; "Culture and the Death of God". The lectures explored the interaction between critical theory and religion in modern society, subjects on which Professor Eagleton has written and lectured extensively over the past 40 years.
More details on the Firth Lectures can be found here; http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/theology/...

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