Stanford GSB Lessons in Communication

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source: Stanford Graduate School of Business     2016年7月26日
Stanford GSB Lessons in Communication
This playlist includes team presentations on a specific communication topic from the Strategic Communication course at Stanford Graduate School of Business. This video serves to help others develop their own communication skills.

Improv at Work 13:25
Tips for Effective MBA Class Participation 12:30
Understanding Authenticity in the Context of Selling 14:17
Building Your Brand Through Social Media 16:36
Use Body Language to Rock Your Next Presentation 10:10
Becoming a Sensitive Global Communicator 12:51
How to Be a Virtual Meeting Hero 12:04
Dressing for Impact 12:53
How to Resonate With Your Audience 11:39
Decoding Deceptive Body Language 11:43
Making Your Message Media Friendly 12:46
Answering Tough Questions 11:02
Improv Wisdom: Don't Prepare, Just Show Up 10:19
How Does Feedback Impact Who I Am? 12:01
Contrast on the Delivery 10:39
Power of Humor in Public Speaking 12:20
How to Conduct Interviews 13:34
Millennial Tips: Effective Communication Across Generations 13:39
Extreme QA for the Career 12:43
Impromptu Speaking Frameworks 13:08
LOYAL3 CEO Barry Schneider: We Get To Invent Every Single Day 9:44
Toasts and Tributes 10:50
Setting the Hook 10:55
Make Body Language Your Superpower 13:18
Acting and Speaking Power 11:46
The Mind and Body of Anxiety Management: Strategic Communication, Stanford GSB 12:21
Gender Communication Barriers and Techniques: Strategic Communications, Stanford GSB 10:45
How To Optimize Your Resume: Strategic Communication, Stanford GSB 15:23
Cross-Functional Teams: Strategic Communication, Stanford GSB 10:13
Embrace Your Freaking Out: Strategic Communication, Stanford GSB 15:25

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