Signals and System by K. S. Venktesh (IIT Kanpur)

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source: nptelhrd    2012年3月5日
Electrical - Signals and System by Prof. K. S. Venktesh, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Lecture-01 Signals 29:36
Lecture-02 Domain & Range of signal 47:13
Lecture-03 System Introduction 34:51
Lecture-04 Signal Properties 57:04
Lecture-05 Frequently used continuous signals 48:32
Lecture-06 Frequently used discrete time signals 30:12
Lecture-07 Transformations on time & Range 29:36
Lecture-08 System Properties 1:06:08
Lecture-09 System Properties 1:05:45
Lecture-10 Communication Diagram As a Test For Linearity & Time Invariance 1:00:11
Lecture-11 LTI system 51:48
Lecture-12 Representation of Discrete Time Convolution 27:09
Lecture-13 Representation Of Continuous Time Convolution 53:36
Lecture-14 Properties of Convolution 51:35
Lecture-15 Differential Equations 41:24
Lecture-16 Solving Differential Equation 41:59
Lecture-17 Physical System Relation With Differential Equation 44:20
Lecture-18 System Described by Differential Equation 56:42
Lecture-19 System Described by Differential Equation 45:19
Lecture-20 Difference Equation Intro 1:06:29
Lecture-21 LTI Systems Described By Difference Equation 57:30
Lecture-22 Filters 1:01:58
Lecture-23 Implementation with Integrators 41:15
Lecture-24 Theory of Signal Representation 1:05:00
Lecture-25 Representation of Periodic Signal 1:03:13
Lecture-26 Fourier Series 1:01:01
Lecture-27 Fourier Spectrum 55:24
Lecture-28 Fourier Transform 57:32
Lecture-29 Properties of CTFT 52:03
Lecture-30 Properties of CTFT 53:15
Lecture-31 Frequency Response of Continuous System 53:15
Lecture-32 Discrete Signals & System Representation 55:18
Lecture-33 Discrete Time Fourier Transform 54:14
Lecture-34 Properties of Discrete Time Fourier Transform 54:52
Lecture-35 Frequency Response of Discrete LTI System 28:48
Lecture-36 Ideal Sampling 56:58
Lecture-37 Flat Top Sampling 32:00
Lecture-38 Faithful Sampling 32:58
Lecture-39 Interpolation 51:33
Lecture-40 Laplace Transform 45:26
Lecture-41 Inverse Laplace Transform 1:11:10
Lecture-42 Properties of Laplace Transform 37:26
Lecture-43 Z-Transform 50:38
Lecture-44 Inverse Z Transform 1:03:41
Lecture-45 Properties of Z Transform 31:35

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