Jon Anderson: Contemporary Art Trends (2011 at Biola University)

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source: BiolaUniversity     2012年4月5日
Contemporary Art Trends [ARTS 315], Jon Anderson

Course Introduction: Introducing the Avant-Garde 1:25:06
Postmodern Strategies: The Canvas as an Arena: Jackson Pollock 1:18:36
The (Spiritual) Crisis of Abstract Expressionism: Mark Rothko 1:25:33
Clement Greenberg and Post-Painterly Abstraction 1:12:24
The Fully Present Object: Minimalism 1:24:54
Duchamp's Legacy: Robert Rauschenberg and John Cage 1:22:39
Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns 1:29:03
Art in an Age of Mass-Media: Andy Warhol 1:18:06
Conceptual Art: New Strategies for Meaning 1:30:03
Postmodern Strategies: Mixed Messages and Undecidability 1:10:27
Working in the Expanded Field: Site Construction 1:24:32
Working in the Expanded Field, Part 2: Marked Sites 1:10:59
Working in the Expanded Field, part 3: Axiomatic Structures 1:29:13
Contemporary Liturgies: Performance Art and Embodied Belief 1:27:56
Bodies of Knowledge: Performance Art and Social Space 1:26:48
Contemporary Laments: An Update on the Human Condition 1:27:16
What's Going on Today, part 1 1:29:26
What's Going on Today, part 2 1:18:57

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