Electrical Machines I by Debaprasad Kastha (IIT Kharagpur)

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source: nptelhrd    2012年7月10日
Electrical - Electrical Machines-I by Prof. Debaprasad Kastha, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

01-Introduction 54:52
02-Operating Principles and Construction of Single Phase Transformers 55:17
03-Modeling of Single Phase Transformers 55:54
04-Equivalent Circuits of Single Phase Transformers 54:21
05-Testing of Single Phase Transformers 57:14
06-Efficiency of Single Phase Transformers 55:01
07-Voltage Regulation of Single Phase Transformers 55:28
08-Parallel Operation of Single Phase Transformers 54:55
09-Harmonics and Switching Transients in Single Phase Transformers 38:15
10-Introduction to Three Phase Transformer 54:35
11-Construction of Three Phase Transformers 54:02
12-Three Phase Transformer Connections 54:35
13-Three Phase Transformer Phase Groups Part - I 54:10
14-Three Phase Transformer Phase Groups Part - II 53:03
15-Analysis and Testing of Three Phase Transformers 54:39
16-Operation of Three Phase Transformers 53:55
17-Auto Transformers 54:44
18-Three Winding Transformers 57:25
19-Scott Connected Transformers 54:53
20-Potential and Current Transformers 55:15
21-Operating Principles of DC Machines 55:52
22-Constructional Features of DC Machines 53:07
23-Generated EMF and Torque in DC Machines 51:28
24-Armature Reaction 53:40
25-Commutation in DC Machines 55:33
26-Separately Excited DC Generators 56:35
27-DC Shunt Generators 56:24
28-Compound DC Generators 58:50
29-Interconnected DC Generators 54:44
30-Characteristics of DC Shunt Motors 54:42
31-Starting of DC Shunt Motors 54:20
32-Speed Control of DC Shunt Motors 56:39
33-Braking of DC Shunt Motors 54:33
34-Electronic Control of DC Shunt Motors 56:09
35-Testing of DC Shunt Motors 53:41
36-Characteristics of DC Series Motors 53:23
37-Starting and Braking of DC Series Motors 54:14
38-Speed Control and of DC Series Motors 54:58
39-Testing of DC Series Motors 54:52
40-Characteristics of Compound DC Series Motors 56:13

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