Feminism and Architecture Part 2: Women, Architecture, and Academia.

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source: The New School    2015年4月16日
Convened by Peggy Deamer (Yale University), Brian McGrath (Parsons School of Design |http://www.newschool.edu/parsons), and Ioanna Theocharopoulou (Parsons School of Design |http://www.newschool.edu/parsons): Feminism and Architecture Part 2: Women, Architecture, and Academia.

For fair exposure, opportunity, and support in our discipline, we want to share strategies for empowering ourselves and our women students.
To Change The Design Professions, We Need To Change What And How We Teach; We Need Success:
We will draw participants from colleges and schools of architecture throughout North America; we will have a keynote speaker from aabroad to offer an international perspective. There will be three thematic sessions, each divided into two parts: a series of short presentations and a workshop to outline concrete strategies for the future.
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Part 2 (Day 1): Introduction by Karen Van Lengen 36:47
Part 2 (Day 1) - Workshop 1: Representation 1:42:51
Part 2 (Day 1): Keynote by Katja Grillner 1:32:56
Part 2 (Day 2): Introduction by Donna Robertson 33:54
Part 2 (Day 2) - Workshop 2: Gender and Family Politics 1:59:11
Part 2 (Day 2) - Workshop 3: Curriculum 2:14:43
Part 2 (Day 2): Closing Remarks by Deborah Gans 12:49

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