Computer Science - Virtual Reality by Steven LaValle

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source: nptelhrd    2016年1月24日
Virtual Reality by Prof Steven LaValle, Visiting Professor, IITM, UIUC. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Lec-01 Course mechanics 6:08
Lec-02 Goals and VR definitions 25:20
Lec-03 Historical perspective 15:18
Lec-04 Bird's-eye view-General 17:40
Lec-05 general, Cont'd 17:32
Lec-06 Hardware 18:38
Lec-07 Software 13:29
Lec-08 Sensation and Perception 27:23
Lec-09 Geometric modeling 20:05
Lec-10 Transforming models 10:19
Lec-11 Matrix Algebra and 2D Rotations 20:00
Lec-12 3D Rotations and Yaw, Pitch, and Roll 11:35
Lec-13 3D Rotations and Yaw, Pitch, and Roll, cont'd 11:06
Lec-14 Axis-angle Representations 8:33
Lec-15 Quaternions 28:07
Lec-16 Converting and Multiplying Rotations 7:04
Lec-17 Converting and Multiplying Rotations, Cont'd 12:36
Lec-18 Homogeneous Transforms 14:08
Lec-19 The chain of viewing transforms 28:41
Lec-20 Eye transforms 17:48
Lec-21 Eye transforms, cont'd 7:07
Lec-22 Canonical view transform 31:17
Lec-23 Viewport transform 7:03
Lec-24 Viewport Transform, cont'd 2:15
Lec-25 Three Interpretations of Light 10:44
Lec-26 Refraction 15:23
Lec-27 Simple lenses 17:06
Lec-28 Diopters 14:53
Lec-29 Imaging properties of lenses 9:58
Lec-30 Lens aberrations 32:57
Lec-31 Optical system of eyes 14:56
Lec-32 Photoreceptors 16:59
Lec-33 Sufficient resolution for VR 12:07
Lec-34 Light intensity 10:42
Lec-35 Eye movements 17:23
Lec-36 Eye movements, cont'd 13:47
Lec-37 Eye movement issues for VR 15:54
Lec-38 Neuroscience of vision 17:55
Lec-39 Depth perception 17:40
Lec-40 Depth perception, cont'd 7:24
Lec-41 Motion perception 38:20
Lec-42 Frame rates and displays 17:45
Lec-43 Frame rates and displays, cont'd 22:42
Lec-44 Overview 8:30
Lec-45 Orientation Tracking 29:46
Lec-46 Tilt drift correction 27:21
Lec-47 Yaw drift correction 8:47
Lec-48 Tracking with a camera 25:22
Lec-49 Perspective n-point problem 16:29
Lec-50 Filtering 10:06
Lec-51 Lighthouse approach 21:57
Lec-52 Overview 8:25
Lec-53 Overview, Cont'd 8:05
Lec-54 Shading models 30:08
Lec-55 Rasterization 25:08
Lec-56 Pixel shading 17:52
Lec-57 VR-specific problems 26:15
Lec-58 Distortion shading 8:41
Lec-59 Post-Rendering Image Warp 18:32
Lec-60 Physics and Physiology 22:04
Lec-61 Auditory perception 13:35
Lec-62 Auditory localization 25:59
Lec-63 Rendering 13:48
Lec-64 Spatialization and display 22:17
Lec-65 Combining other senses 9:00
Lec-66 Overview 9:40
Lec-67 Locomotion 35:55
Lec-68 Manipulation 20:06
Lec-69 System control 9:21
Lec-70 Social interaction 30:26
Lec-71 Evaluation of VR Systems 25:26

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